Managed Services

Managed IT Services

What Are Managed IT Services? For many companies, the typical daily “life cycle” routine of an IT Infrastructure comprises three phases:

  1. Everything’s working (RUN)
  2. Something breaks and it stops working (BREAK)
  3. Fix whatever’s broken to get it up and running again (FIX)

What we do

Our collective experience in managing multiple clients across a wide spectrum of industries prepares us to focus on individual clients with skills and expertise that no in-house IT department could possibly equal. Because our approach to Managed IT is proactive rather than reactive, you can rest assured that your IT infrastructure (i.e. servers, network, etc.) will be solid, and then continue running smoothly over time. All responsibility for maintaining and monitoring your IT infrastructure falls on us. And while we provide you with access to a team of trained, experienced engineers whose only job is to ensure your business is stable, protected, and efficient, our predictable, all-inclusive monthly pricing helps reduce network costs overall.

So stop waiting for your technology to fail before addressing potential issues. We operate exactly the way your own internal IT department would. The only difference is that you reap all the benefits without the headaches and expense of managing the IT Infrastructure on your own. That way, you can focus on growing your business rather than worrying about it!

Our team will oversee the implementation and maintenance of a company’s IT systems, from the purchase and installation of hardware and software. Our team provides around-the-clock monitoring, reporting, and issue resolution of the system.

Managed IT Services

Services we offer are:

  1. data center management,
  2. desktop management,
  3. network management,
  4. mobility management,
  5. infrastructure management,
  6. backup and recovery management,
  7. communication management,
  8. and security management.


Security Services

Keep malicious viruses, malware, and ransomware at bay by proactively securing your network, servers, and computers.


Free up your staff from traditional handsets, PBX, and fax machines. Enjoy free, unlimited long-distance calling, toll-free numbers, and access to advanced applications such as web conferencing, faxing, and visual voicemail.

Business Continuity

Downtime means lost revenue. Our clients experience 99.9% uptime. Stay ahead of potential disasters with our team, tools, and processes in place for a quick recovery.

Cloud Services

Access your critical data anytime, anywhere, from any device. Maximize your efficiency with on-demand availability of your computer system resources without direct active management by the user.